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Where as Cirque du Soleil in 1982 introduced a new vision of a circus, in 2013 Kontoret introduces a new vision of an office.


Looking to get a inspiring work or meeting space for an hour in central Helsinki including wireless internet, a printer and an endless flow of freshly grounded coffee? Kontoret is the answer, setting new standards among flexible office spaces.

Started as an idea of the founder Ray Lindberg, a nomad consultant at the time, Kontoret provides space and tools for efficient meetings, working or co-working at the heart of Helsinki. With a starting price of 5 € per hour Kontoret welcomes anyone from freelancers to chief executives, from business travellers to locals.


Starting from the core business and brand strategy, here at Werklig we were inspired by the essence and basic needs of office work and the aesthetics of the classic office enviroment.

With such masterpieces as the Bic Cristal from the late 50's (also known as the Bic pen), pink and yellow Post-it notes, Stabilo Boss highligter pen and checked paper blocks, we designed a brand identity with a strong link to the traditional office enviroment with a minimalist scandinavian twist. The chosen colour scheme, shapes and materials reflect this strongly.

As the brand typography we chose Replica and Replica Mono from Lineto. Designed on a very strict design grid, the typeface complemented Kontoret's own design grid based on the checked paper. Based on Replica's design, we also provided Kontoret with a custom set of icons for the signage system.

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