Pulled Oats – The Finnish Food of the Year in 2017

Gold&Green is a radical novelty on your plate made of Nordic oats and beans. Oat is a Northern superfood as well as one of the most ecological crops in the world. No rainforest effects, no pollution, no GMO – only the fresh Nordic climate. Gold&Green’s flagship product Pulled Oats is an award-winning plant based food innovation with a perfectly balanced nutritional profile and tasty fibrous texture.

The main strategic question we had to answer was: how do we market Pulled Oats to masses instead of only as another meat substitute for vegetarians?

We wanted to position Pulled Oats as an everyday and delicious alternative to meat. By leveraging from traditional meat packaging format and placing a plant based protein source next to meats we were able to create the biggest boom in grocery industry in years.

Pulled Oats was voted by Finns as the Finnish Food of the Year in 2017.

The main brand elements of the Gold&Green identity are the custom logotype combined with the split colour division, which reflects the fusion between the two main ingredients as well as the union of Nordic materials and old Asian techniques. Hand-drawn etching-like illustrations, inspired by old educational plates with vegetable engravings, are used to accentuate the authenticity of Finnish agricultural tradition.

The overall brand identity represents delicious food, easy and cozy cooking, sustainability and ecological lifestyle. It is essentially the symbiosis of good things: ingredients, taste, environmental aspect and people.

Packaging and store photography by Aleksi Tikkala. Food photography by Katri Kapanen, food styling by Pipsa Hurmerinta.

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