Kyrö Distillery Company

Finns like to conceive ideas while in a sauna. That’s where the story of an all-rye distil­lery began in 2012. Five guys started to wonder why there isn’t a rye distillery in Finland and that there should be one. That’s how Kyrö Distillery Company was born.

The distillery is located in an old dairy in Isokyrö, a rural town in Western Finland. Isokyrö means “Great Church” or “Great Fire”. It is a peculiar place. The church of Isokyrö dates back to the 15th century and nearby the distillery there is a historical landmark of the ill-fated Battle of Napue where more than half of the male population was slaughtered.

The solutions for branding and visual identity needed to reflect whisky culture but also the distillery’s local roots and heritage. It was already known that the first batch of the whisky will be available in 2017. So – just like whisky – the brand was designed to be evolving and maturing. In order to get that local flair included all visual elements were filled with (hidden) stories.

Custom typeface called “Napue Sans” was designed from old Napue battle memorial monument engravings (right next to the distillery building), giving a true historical and local flair for the identity. Colors were kept to minimum using only black and white with silver, copper and gold accents – silver for clear unaged spirits and copper for matured ones. Gold was left reserved for the upcoming rye whisky.

Graphic style was kept restricted. Like the products themselves it was important to focus on content and quality, not marketing tricks and unnecessary elements.

As the company needed a seal of approval for official documents we created, well, a seal of approval to the letter. The seal is based on Isokyrö town coat of arms that has a bear in it, hugging a tree. In our version bear is replaced with a seal, giving a hug to a bottle. All the letters used in seal were meticulously redrawn from Isokyrö medieval church wall paintings.

Products were branded and divided in to two product ranges, the RYE RYE range (for rye spirits Juuri and Verso) and the GIN GIN range (for rye gins Napue and Koskue). The distillery also produces quirky small batch special products on-demand for special occasions. The first batch of Finnish rye whisky will be available in 2017.

When creating a 360° brand experience the entire branding team need to deeply understand the brand values and design drivers. We have managed to do this by building everything in tight collaboration with the client from the very beginning. The results have been exceptional.

Besides being a commercial success story the Kyrö brand has been awarded in many international design competitions such as Cannes Lions, Art Directors’ Club Europe and The Dieline. Kyrö Distillery Company’s identity was also selected as the best visual identity in Finland in 2015.

All branding by Werklig.

Video by Koski Syväri. Brand photography by Kimmo Syväri / Koski Syväri, Veera Kujala, Sina Stelter & Werklig.

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