New School Helsinki

New School Helsinki presents the Finnish school expertise to the world. The World Design Capital of 2016 was Taipei in Taiwan. Having been World Design Capital in 2012, Helsinki participated in the WDC2016 programme under the educational theme of “New School Helsinki”.

Werklig was assigned to create the concept and visual identity for the exhibition and its satellite events. The visual elements consists of building blocks reflecting the educational instruments and schools as spatial environments.

New School Helsinki refers to a new and innovative way of looking at schools. New School Helsinki presents digital learning solutions, smart buildings, adaptable interiors and solutions to improve educational surroundings. As well the name The term ‘New School’ works as a motivational quote for the companies participating: You are here presenting new school thinking and the latest forerunner solutions. Identity elements like colouring is taken from public trasport and combined with Alku typeface, part of the renewed Finnish national writing system designed by Typolar & Finnish National Agency for Education.

Werklig worked together with designers Klaus and Elina Aalto who designed an interactive exhibition space. The visitors where invited to participate in the construction.

Kuura Cider

City of Helsinki



Kyrö Distillery Company

Hernesaaren ranta

Jonas Granfors

New School Helsinki

Helsinki City Museum

Suomen Jäätelö

EMMA – In Search of the Present





Parliament of Finland

Victor Vasarely


Senate Properties

Masters of Aalto 2014

ERC 2014

Finnish Design Yearbook 2014–2015

1–2–3–Helsinki ! Design en Seine


Susanna Vento

Helsinki Food Company