Powerfood is a campaign that aims to familiarize young Finns of 13-15 years with the use of oats and wild berries. This age group is interested in fitness, sports, healthy lifestyles and their own wellbeing but they hardly recognize wild berries or different oats—or the nutritional benefits of them. In order succeed we had to come up with visual language that would grasp the attention of a challenging target group.

We conducted a field study of target group and decided to connect oats and berries to young people by using language, tempo and topics from their everyday lives: sleepover parties, friends, hobbies, Snapchat, Instagram. To make the recipes really pop out from social media feed a distinctively bright and vibrant color scheme was used in photography, set design and styling.

After checking the most followed artist and users on Youtube we decided to invite Musta Barbaari, a Finnish rap artist dedicated to healthy lifestyle, to be the Powerfood brand ambassador.

A series of videos were made based on Musta Barbaari’s energetic performances. Clips were made using visual sampling, putting together different visual elements from the identity, various sounds, clitches and weird changes in the picture narrative.

Finally a simple visual toolbox was created for all the Powerfood identity users (PR agencies, motion graphics designers, project team, event organizers, teachers etc). Toolbox makes the applications production easy and keeps the visual identity in place. The toolbox consists of a playful custom type face, bold color palette, juicy food photos and an extensive library of illustrations.

All visual solutions were designed so that they would work at their best in social media. Everything was made easy to share, reproduce, re-use and resample.

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