Victor Vasarely

The assignment was to create a visual identity for Victor Vasarely’s “Optical Paintings”, which was the main 2014 autumn exhibition at EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art. For the exhibit we wanted to create a visual identity that was deviant from tradition and gave the experience of optical art in itself. Additionally the identity had to draw more attention and be more recognizable than the artwork itself.

It is always challenging to create the correct visual representation when you are designing for an individual artist’s exhibition. The identity cannot be a poor copy of an artist’s work or methods, but at the same time it has to accurately represent the art being displayed and the art experience. The visual identity of the exhibition is the first touch a viewer gets and is a part of the exhibit experience, so it has to be clear and distinct in relation to the art being displayed. The assignment was to translate the art experience into a visual solution.

We aimed to find a simple yet recognizable way to create the visual experience of the Vasarely exhibition. It was important that the creative solution was compatible with the media environment of today. It had to comply with different shapes and media platforms like print, television, animation and social media.

When designing the visual identity for the exhibition it was important to take in account EMMA’s own visual identity and bolster the already established image of the museum. We created a look that feels like it is created from EMMA’s already existing elements: black and white color scheme, the black block and the geometrical shape of the EMMA logo. By doing this we made sure that the identity of the exhibition did not become a separate part from the museum’s look.

Once we found a simple, functional and recognizable visual method, we applied it to a myriad of objects. The visual identity was used in print as well as moving picture.

The identity assisted EMMA to take their first steps in social media marketing, where the suitability and recognizability of the visual expression played a big part. The strong visual identity was noticed in the street view and media, which helped EMMA to achieve great results. In November 2014 EMMA reached the highest number of visitors since March 2011. Also in October 2014 the amount of visitors surpassed the monthly average goal. In Facebook the amount followers on their page rose steeply after the exhibition was opened. The catalogue sales for the exhibition reached an all time high after a recent Miro-exhibit. MTV3-television station requested for the exhibition’s TV-spot to take part in the “Best seconds of the month”-competition in January 2015.

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